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Yingdu Demister Pads Co.

Yingdu Demister is a professional manufacturer engaged in producing and exporting of demister pads and mist eliminators of various types. Major materials for making of demister filters cover stainless steel wire, copper wire, Monel wire, fiber glass and other fine materials. Demisters are classified into Standard Type, High Efficiency Type, High Permeability Type and Shock Absorption Type according to the features of filters.

According to its metal materials differences, our demister pads can be stainless steel demisters, copper wire demisters, etc.

Filter Demister

Demister for filter is also known as mist eliminators or sprays. This is a kind of high efficiency separation devices, used throughout all kinds of process industries...

Demister Separator

Demister Separator Advantages:
Absolute separation of liquid particles greater than 10; for the operation under extreme temperature and pressure...

Knitted Mesh Demister Pads
The benefits of demister pad is simple structure, small size, light weight , easy installation, high removal efficiency, no maintenance or service required...

Stainless Steel Demister Pad
Material: Stainless steel knitted wire mesh
We can offer stainless steel demister pads of all specification, diameter from300mm to 6400mm.

Technical Data Sheet Required for Droplet Separators

Pad Elements for Drop Separating

Wire mesh drop separator also known as droplet separator, can be used for droplet separating of sizes ranging from 1 micron to 100/120 microns. The deposition of larger drops easily follow the principle of inertial separation. Major parameters for drop separator pad design: the flow rate, operating pressure, work temperature, vertical or horizontal initial flow direction and droplet size in micron. Learn more.