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Stainless Steel Demister Pad Shock Absorption Type

Demister pads can be classified based on various criteria, such as material of construction, size and shape, and operating conditions and pressure.

Shock Absorption type demister pad are made up of stainless steel wires and typically have a thicker, more robust mesh than traditional demister pads. They are designed to withstand higher pressures and temperatures and provide greater resistance to vibration and abrasion.

These types of demister pads are ideal for applications in which high levels of contamination are expected. The primary characteristics of vibration demister pads include their ability to reduce overall liquid droplets, reduce turbulence and provide protection from thermal shock and mechanical abrasion.

Material: 302,304,304 L, 316,316 L, 317
Specifications are as follows:
Model : 20-40, 30-80, 40-120,50-120
Common diameter: 0.21mm
Weight capacity: 168 Kg/m3
Specific surface area: 529.6 m2/m3
Porosity: 0.9788